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Entry Requirements: Completed Introductory Weekend – All training weekends are mandatory and full attendance required in order to gain certification.

The aim of Level 1 Training in Clinical Hypnosis/ICHI is to provide the essential basic skills, knowledge and tool of the use of Hypnotherapy as therapeutic methods in accordance with best practice in learning outcomes from The Institute of Clinical Hypnosis Ireland.

If you want to become an expert in any field there is an essential starting point. You must learn the fundamental principles that apply in that field.


Suggestibility Module 1

Suggestibility Module 2

Entry Requirements: Completed Level 1.

The aim of Level 2 Training in Clinical Hypnosis is to enhance the expert advanced skills, knowledge and tools of the use of Hypnotherapy as a therapeutic tool in accordance with best practice in learning outcomes as a Practitioner in Hypnotherapy. In this Level you will learn tried and tested techniques that will allow you to achieve rapid and reliable results with your clients.

Analytical Regression Therapy

Advanced Therapy

Professional Practice Management

Entry Requirements: Completed Successfully Levels 1 and 2 – All training weekends are mandatory and full attendance required in order to gain certification.

In addition to the levels, you can continue with gaining further skills, knowledge and expertise through our continuing development of training modules which now include:

Stage Hypnosis and Mentalism Module

Pain Control Module

Self-Hypnosis Module

Deep Trance (Hypnosleep by Design)

Entry Requirements: Ability to watch online videos and allocate hours to home study.

This is an option for people who do not intend to be certified as a professional Hypnotherapist and who just want to learn and gain the knowledge and skills for their own personal development. This option gives full membership to the Clinical Hypnosis/ICHI video training modules on the website and downloadable home study packs.
The study packs are delivered monthly over an 8 month period. Attending the live weekends training course is not required with this option as there is no certification given. The student simply pays a monthly fee to gain full access.


All Modules on these courses are provided by Irish Hypnosis Ltd. practitioners, who all run full-time practices throughout Ireland.

Irish Hypnosis Ltd is recognised as a pioneer in the development and application of hypnosis treatments. And your instructors have all helped to refine the proven techniques that you will learn and use with a high degree of success in your future career.

At the forefront are highly experienced experts who, together, have designed and run this comprehensive training in hypnotherapy.

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