Suggestibility Module One

In this module you will
learn about Hypnotic suggestibility testing which will help you determine if your client
is open to suggestions. It will help you to build up trust between you and the client,
increasing their confidence in you and in hypnosis. This will also help to dispel any
remaining fears and help them relax.
suggestibility testing
Nearly everybody at some stage in their life has been told by their mother or father after receiving a cut or bruise resulting from a fall, falling off their bike or a simple accident, “Do you want Mammy or Daddy to kiss it better”. It is suggested by the parent that by kissing the cut, bruise or even a knock to the body that any pain will decrease or disappear. The parent kisses the child where it hurts and because the child believes and trusts the parent and desires to have the pain removed, the pain decreases or disappears.
As young children we learn best through suggestion and for those reasons, children are very suggestible so they can learn readily. Parents use suggestions virtually every day of the week with young children to help them grow and develop and understand civilised
behaviour. Some examples of these suggestions are as follows Santa Claus is spying on boys and girls to see who is being good and who is being naughty, and remember, he only brings presents to good children. If you keep crossing your eyes and the wind blows
the wrong way, your eyes will be stuck like that! Carrots make you see in the dark! Don’t forget to leave your tooth under the pillow for the tooth fairy etc.

On This Module you will also learn...

Quit Smoking System

This Quit Smoking System has been developed, tested and proven to work for people who want to stop smoking. The desire to stop is the most important factor. As a hypnotist our role in the relationship with a client is to hypnotise them and then give them suggestions that they want. If they want the suggestions they go into the subconscious part of their mind and it becomes their reality.

If you try to get someone to stop smoking who does not want to stop the likelihood is that they and you will fail. Clients are screened on the phone to ensure as much as possible that they are ready to stop so that they will accept suggestions which are beneficial to them.