Pain Control Mastery Level

Hypnosis has been used successfully in the treatment of all kinds of painful conditions, including headaches, cancer, burns, surgical procedures, dental conditions, irritable bowel syndrome, and many other conditions. Whether the pain is as a result from surgery, injury, illness or disease, hypnosis can be of benefit. People suffering from acute or chronic pain can get substantial pain relief from hypnosis.

To reduce the discomfort to a manageable level or even to eliminate it altogether is one of the most meaningful applications of clinical hypnosis which allows the person to become more comfortable and in control in the management of their own pain. A person is capable of using his or her mind to change the perception of the discomfort and this ability is amplified with hypnosis.

There are four different ways to reduce or remove pain, which are the following: Distraction, Reframing, Numbing and dissociation. On this two-day course, you will learn these techniques so that you will have the ability and knowledge to help people in suffering anything from a headache to chronic pain.

What you will learn on this 2-day course.

  • The History of Hypnosis and Pain Control
  • The Theory of Pain Control and using Hypnosis
  • How to produce Analgesia with Hypnosis
  • How to Produce Anaesthesia with Hypnosis
  • Know the Rules of using Hypnosis for Controlling Pain

In This amazing Mastery module weekend you will also learn:

Methods of Pain Control

Elevator Deepener

Continuous Amnesia

Glove Anaesthesia

Hot to Transfer Numbness

Indirect Suggestions for Pain Control

Esdaile / Coma State

Other methods for pain control