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The Hypnosleep State was first discovered over 5 decades ago by the Famous American Hypnotist Mr Dave Elman. He first realised what may be possible after he set up successful communication with his son’s subconscious mind as he slept. He tired very hard to produce this state and discover how to make it reliable. The problem was that he would have to wait for a subject to fall asleep before he could try too initiate the state of Hypnosleep. After many failed attempt he put it to one side. In his Famous Book “Hypnotherapy” he requests that if anyone in the world should find out how to produce this then everyone should know as this is the most Profound state of Hypnosis known to date. In 2011 Mr Karl Anthony Curtis (Current Director of Clinical Hypnosis & Irish Hypnosis Ltd) did just that. After 3 years of research he finally uncovered the source, that allows a hypnotised person to consciously fall asleep and then he found out how to set up communication with the subconscious mind.

What you will learn on this 2-day course.

This history of Hypnosleep

The difference between Hypnosis & Hypnosleep

The Use of the Hypnosleep State

My journey with Hypnosleep (Karl Anthony Curtis)

The Complete Hypnosloeep Procedure

How to creat Soft – Medium & Hard Amnesia

How to Set up communication with the Subconscious mind as the conscious mind sleeps

Know the rules and dangers of Hypnosleep

Experience a Hypnosleep demonstration with Karl Anthony Curtis

Putting it all together and classroom practice

How to emerge from the Hypnosleep state

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